Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pulling the Weeds

I came up with this analogy based on the idea of reflective journaling which has you look over your day and question where improvement is needed and praise where improvement was made. What weeds did you pull and did you pull them totally out. The analogy is of our soul being like a garden and like any garden, it needs to be tended to each day. The weeds of negative thinking have to be pulled out so that new seeds can be planted and grow. Weed pulling is not as simply as you think. You have to get to the roots and pull them out as well, otherwise, they will grow back.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Overcoming Weakness Starts with Recognizing It

As I took my walk last evening, I ended up asking myself what work has God done in me today? I thought of how I saw a friend in the grocery store today but instead of turning around and approaching her to say hi, I blew it off. I did this on Thurs during the middle school open house as well. I saw her and just looked the other way and kept walking. I realize the weakness of my inclusion is this kind of situation. The spontaneous run into someone kind of thing that I do not like. I don’t like to be the initiator in this situation. But God has put it on my heart that I may be missing a chance to give a friend an encouraging word or a listening ear or even a simple hug. I am sorry Lord that I blew off these opportunities to be your hands and feet. Help me to be ready, willing and able to reach out to these people I know when I see them in unexpected places and times. Amen.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

God's Not Dead

I watched the movie God’s Not Dead tonight. The intellectual argument part was good but so not might thing as I just can’t process what someone is saying that has so much profound stuff in it without hearing it again and again or reading it so I can really process the words. In any case, it was a very good movie. I looked outside and saw the sun had just set behind the mountains but some sunshine was still coming through the clouds making a beautiful display so I decided I would take a walk with God. Along this walk God brought it to my attention that we are on a journey like a person walking down a path, we are going to encounter people and situations as we go along each day. God is working in us in each and every one of those people and/or situations that happens in each of our days. He is showering love on us, convicting us of our sins, drawing us to come closer to Him, encouraging us, bringing us wisdom, reminding us about Himself and His love, and so much more. Each day in everything we do God is working in and through us. He may be bringing us wisdom and strengthening of our faith as we read His Word or He may be giving you the encouraging words to say to a friend or motivating you to smile to a stranger who looks like they could use a smile from someone. Each day is filled with God’s work. How much more can we grow as believers if on our journey we take a moment with God to stop and reflect on our day, the people we encountered, the situations we were in, the conversations we had or didn’t have. We should be asking ourselves at the end of each day, what work has God done in me today? and what more can I learn and do tomorrow?