Monday, October 19, 2015

Yank the Chains Out!

I heard something on the radio that put in my mind an image of a chain. The radio host was talking about the power of our thoughts and how if we think of something negative and not pleasing to God like hateful thoughts toward someone who has hurt us in some way or derogatory thoughts that put ourselves down and make us feel less than who we are in Christ than we are falling under the influence of the enemy. These kinds of thoughts and others that are not pleasing to God need to be yanked out of our minds as soon as we think them. This takes some intention in reminding ourselves through our prayer time with God that we have that tendency to think things that are not good. Some temperaments will have this tendency even more so but the fact is we are all guilty of negative, sinful thoughts, even the most godly people you know have had thoughts come into their minds that did not make God happy. He knows because he knows every thought, feeling and action we have done and will do. The Bible tells us to guard our hearts and gives us the tools to do that with the Word of God, with prayer and with the name of Jesus. There is power in these to help us conquer those thoughts that want to come into our head that are sinful, negative, degrading, mean and hateful. That first thought that comes in is the first link in a chain that can ultimately bind us and keep us from being all God wants us to be. Take your thoughts each day to the God of the universe who will help you guard your mind from being corrupted.
Romans 6:14  For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace.