Friday, July 7, 2017

Guilt vs. False Guilt

A person struggling with guilt, may be a Supine in the control area. The Supine in the control area is a person who has a hard time making decisions and doubts the decisions they make. When they make bad decisions that are sinful or lead to sinful behaviors, the initial guilt they feel is the Holy Spirit convicting them of their sin. While Christians are saved from death and their sins are forgiven, past, present and future by accepting Jesus as Savior and Redeemer; God wants a relationship with us and is wanting us to confess those present-day and future sins we will commit. This interaction with God builds an intimacy that bares much fruit. When the sin and the guilt of sin has been cleansed from our soul upon confession, then we can move forward in our freedom and intimacy with Christ. 

But for those who have the Supine in their control area of their temperament, they have the weakness of wanting to put the chains back on and not leave the prison Christ has set them free from. They want to hold onto the guilt that they have been freed from because it is familiar or because of fears. This is false guilt based on believing in a lie that says you can’t be freed from all your sins, “not this sin” or that you certainly aren’t worthy of this gift. None of us is worthy but God loves us anyways, no matter what our sins are or will be. 

A Supine in control needs to rely on God’s truth to help them overcome this weakness. It will take a commitment to daily confession and affirmation that your sins have been removed reminding yourself and acknowledging to God that you believe it when he says in Romans 8:1 So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus. 

Any guilt a Supine in control person continues to have for confessed sins is now a false guilt based on a lie from the enemy. It’s a stronghold that can only be broken by praise, worship and giving God glory every day for what he has done for you in Jesus Christ.

Father, I thank you for the gift of Jesus who has shed his blood for me; given me his righteousness and holiness that I can come before you. Help me to live in this victory over sin and death today. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.