Who can benefit from this type of counseling? 

All are welcome, no matter what you believe or your denomination.

Spouses can learn, understand and overcome the conflicts between their temperaments.

Teenagers can be understood and develop a God-honoring relationship with their parents.

Children (over age 8) can learn about how vital Jesus is to our lives and how he is the missing piece to help us with our temperament needs and weaknesses.

Families can thrive with learning to meet each other’s needs, forgiving the failures and praying for God’s help to overcome their weaknesses. 
Bosses  can help bring unity, peace and joy to the workplace with knowledge and understanding of the unique temperaments they are working with.

Engaged couples can be prepared for marriage by truly understanding their mate.

Anyone suffering from anger, bitterness, depression, low-self esteem, anxiety, inter and intra-personal conflicts can be enlightened and with God’s help be led to the wisdom and knowledge needed to get on the straight path and the abundant life God wants for you. 

How is this different from a secular Christian counselor?

State-licensed counselors are trained in secular psychology (man-made) and its techniques. They may be a Christian and bring in and/or accept your Christian faith. FTLC Counseling is based on God’s Word utilizing the advantages of understanding your temperament and is provided by a minister from the National Conservative Christian Church who is trained and licensed in Temperament Therapy by the National Christian Counselor’s Association.

Learn more about this type of counseling at www.ncca.org

What is temperament?

Our temperament is our mind, will and emotions and is within our soul. The Bible tells us that we are made up of spirit, soul and body. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

How is your temperament determined?

The National Christian Counselors Association has taken the over 400 years of research on temperament and done their own 20+ years of research. Through their testing, they have created a profile that is compiled of 60 questions. The answers to these questions give a 95% accurate picture of a person's temperament. Further research by the NCCA, has concluded that there are 3 areas within a temperament: Inclusion, Control and Affection. These areas can be broken down further into expressive and wanted. Because of the complexity of our temperament and the shaping of our temperament by our environment and upbringing, it is not possible with any degree of accuracy to determine your temperament with just knowledge of the 5 types of temperament. Only the Arno Profile System or A.P.S. can accurately determine your unique temperament and only a trained Temperament Counselor can teach you about the unique needs and tendencies that you were born with.

What are the 3 areas within our temperament? 

Inclusion is social orientation and intellectual energies. It is how your mind works, how you are motivated, what your social needs are and any weaknesses related to your mind or socialization. 

Control is our willingness to make decisions and to accept responsibility for self and/or others. It tells if you want to be controlled, not controlled or do all the controlling. It is about the needs you specifically have that drive your decision making and responsibility taking. 

Affection is the need to express and receive love, affection and approval. It is the needs you have for deep relationships and within your deep relationships. 

How is the temperament report used in the counseling? 

Having the temperament report of a person and knowing what their unique needs and weaknesses are gives Temperament Counselors a great advantage in understanding what issues a person is having and how to resolve those issues with God's help. You will be taught all the needs and tendencies within the 3 areas of your temperament and discover how to get those needs met practically and especially with the power of the Holy Spirit and how to rise above the tendencies within your temperament making them strengths rather than weaknesses.  

What is required to participate in this type of counseling? 

You do not have to have the beliefs of the Christian faith but it helps to have an open mind. All of the counsel given is based on Jesus Christ and God's Word. You will be asked to do homework that will help you better understand and process what God wants to teach and show you along with giving you practical homework that will benefit your understanding of your temperament needs and tendencies and how to get them met and overcome. It requires commitment to change and an openness to learn and grow.