Get Temperament Analysis

Get Temperament Analysis

For those who do not have any major counseling needs at this time but have a desire to learn more about who God created in them, please see the details below. 

If you have counseling needs beyond learning about your temperament, please see the Counseling Fees tab for more details. 

Temperament Analysis can be done for adults, teens and children ages 8 and up. 

Temperament Report Only:  $78 (1-50 minute session)

Temperament Bundle: $225 (4-50 minute sessions)

You will receive a written report and have discussion on each of the three temperament areas answering any and all questions you may have about your temperament needs and tendencies.

Couple Temperament Bundles and Family Bundles available. Contact me for further details. 

Any issues or conflicts that need to be addressed with further counseling will be discussed and arranged upon completion of the bundle sessions. 

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