What people are saying about me and this type of counseling...

"It has been a great experience!" ---Becky

"Thanks for helping me through this and giving of yourself. You are awesome and doing what the Lord has gifted you for! I thanked Him this morning on my run for blessing me with you and the awesome gift you are bestowing on me...  Thanks for all you do!" ---Lindsay

"I didn't know quite how to thank you for giving me the blessing of having my mind and heart
finally receptive to the power of God. The freedom from fear and control has me living fully. 
Thanks for being a crucial part of the freedom process." ---Lisa

"I have been in previous secular-based counseling that only gave me a Bank-Aid fix, but the
Christ-centered temperament counseling has brought me to a place of peace, joy and 
contentment on who I am that has changed my life." ---Toni

"I wish I had known and understood my temperament years ago." ---Cathy

"As a retired social worker and former parent of 39 kids and adoptive mom of 3, I have 
experienced many varieties of therapy. While helpful, they all left out the key element that 
Christ-centered temperament counseling offers: an authentic understanding of your 
temperament as God created you and how that impacts others. My husband, myself and
two of our children each discovered our strengths and weaknesses and as a result have
a better understanding of each other which has vastly improved our relationships." ---Tina

"This counseling was fun because it was different than typical counseling and talking about
feelings. This one felt like I was talking to God." ---Lyndsey, age 11

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