Monday, October 3, 2011

Faith to life connections are everywhere!

It really is amazing how many connections I am finding with my faith to my life since I began this committed journey with faithbooking. Part of this is the committed part. It has to be something you work into the time you have each week. With the sermon series layouts I have been doing, I take notes during the sermon, than on Monday I will reveiw those notes and write my own thoughts and feelings and any photo ideas that come to me. Wednesday we meet at the church for our small group time so after that I can apply any new thoughts and feelings to my notes but by than I am pretty well sure on what I am going to do with my layout so I get the photos found and downloaded to Studio J so I can work on it at work on my breaks and hopefully by the next Sunday I am ready to start it all over again. I dropped the ball this last week because of my shoulder pain mostly and lots of stuff going on but I did get my notes done and so now it's just a matter of getting my photos ready to go and doing the layout so why am I here... off I go to get into the book of Matthew.

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