Sunday, October 23, 2011

Attitude of Abundance

I have been reading a book called 10 Godly Keys to Success and Prosperity and got super inspired to do a scrapbook page for each chapter so I would more fully take in the knowledge and be able to start applying it to my life. The second chapter is about developing a prosperity consciousness. In other words, it's having an attitude of abundance. Meredith Bromfield, the author, makes great points in the fact that we live in a country of abundance. Most of us have been blessed with countless blessings and there are probably tons and tons that you don't even think of because we take them for granted living her in the good old USA like indoor plumbing, a hot shower, freedom of religion, our homes and more. We have an abundance of blessings to be thankful for and the more we keep this in our focus the better our attitude will be. Bromfield also points out the abundance of opportunities available to us. This is the country where dreams are made. You can write a book, invent something, create beautiful artwork and so much more. We just have to be open to seeing the opportunities available to us and grab onto them with both hands.

I wanted to create not only a scrapbook page on this but something to remind myself everyday so I used some products from my Close to My Heart business and created this pin to wear everyday. It was intended not only for my reminder of my attitude but as a visual curosity point on myself that people would ask about. I planned it to just be my reminder but I am making it a part of me. It is my way of branding myself in the business world. Every time someone meets and sees me I will be wearing a pin with a letter. I will create a new one every month that reminds me about the things that I am striving to be consistently. So when people ask me about my 'A'pin, I tell them, this is a pin I created with some of my Close to My Heart products to remind me that I have an Awesome God who has given me and abundance of blessings, provides me with an abundance of opportunities and I have to keep my eyes open and my Attitude that Anything is possible with God.

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