Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Song of Songs

In this last week in the Breaking Free study by Beth Moore, she asked us to read Song of Songs 5:10-16. She asked us to write our own description of Christ based on these verses. I have to confess that this had me a bit tickled because I use to write poetry in my love struck young teen days but I have not really done any love poem since. I feel the stars glistening in my eyes as I read the verses I wrote about my Jesus. Oh how I love you!

My Love is my everything, my all and my being.
His head is crowned with glory.
His hair is soft and gentle as he.
His eyes gleam like the sun shinning on the waters of the sea.
His cheeks are glistening with the dew of sweat.
His lips are telling me of his love.
His arms are strong as iron and soft as fleece.
His body is glorious and bright like the sun when it rises in the morning and sets at night.
His legs stand firm and tall like the sequoias of California.
His posture tells me I am safe; he is on watch over me.
His mouth is like a river of chocolate with never ending goodness.
Oh friends of mine, My Jesus, My Love is mine and yours too.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful tribute to the lover of your soul. His posture tells me I am safe...whether He is standin tall or catching 5 winks on a stormy sea.